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Silver Eco Schools Award

The School council is very proud to announce that our school has been awarded Eco Schools Silver status.  We worked very hard on a variety of whole school environmental projects, such as: waste week, energy fortnight, recycling/re-using and improving school grounds. 

We have worked really hard as a council to improve our plastic usage in school.  We watched a news report about plastic pollution and were shocked to find that so much plastic was ending up in the oceans. So we had a debate with our school council about what we could do at Christ Church to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away.  Since then we have changed the packaging we use on our snacks at playtime from plastic to paper and introduced refillable water bottles.  This has made such a difference to the amount of single use plastic we throw away. Well done everyone!! Keep up the good work.

Please continue to think about the amount of plastic you bring into school in your packed lunches.  Could you think of an interesting way of wrapping up your lunch that doesn't involve plastic?


 Our Eco Code

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Care for nature

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Learning and exploring in our wonderful environmental area





Forest Schools

We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful environmental area here at Christ Church Primary School that we can use in our curriculum lessons as well as Forest School sessions.


Year 5 Forest School

Year 5 have had a fantastic time this term taking part in the Forest School programme with Juno Hart. 

Here are some of the skills we have worked on: 

  • how to put up a canopy
  • be safe in the forest
  • be careful around fire
  • cooking on a fire 
  • make a tent
  • used sticks and yarn to make a gods eye
  • learnt about tool safety -using a sheath knife to craft a wand out of Willow and Hazel wood 
  • play as a team
  • carry sticks safely
  • pond dip safely
  • make a bow and arrow
  • use survival skills
  • make a fire using sticks and flint
  • build an obstacle course
  • forage for food
  • climb trees safely
  • identify different leaves/plants
  • look after themselves and their surroundings
  • watch out for the dangers of poisonous plants


Year 5 pupil voice:

We have had a great time in Forest School this year, we have learnt so much about our environment and how to care for it and enjoy it.

We have made new friends and used our imaginations. 

I feel so happy when I have had time in Forest School. 


  Making dens  

 Going on bug hunts and locating their habitats.       

 Learning how to make stick frames using knots and lashings.            

     Making natural decorations. 

  Learning how to use a saw and drill sensibly, developing team work skills.

 Making tree cookies using wood and string.

 Printing leaves and flowers on to a piece of cotton to make a flag.

Making patterns with natural objects. 

 Making wooden bracelets. 

 Looking for patterns in nature.  

The whole school has been to Forest School

During the Summer term we have enjoyed visits from Nick Hulley, an experienced Forest School teacher. We have all had great fun inviting in an adult from home to come and spend some time with us during Forest School. Here are some of the activities we took part in: 

Reception: Tree Spirits
Y1: Making nests and Eggs 
Y2: Making clay Mushrooms: 
Y3:Journey Sticks
Y4:Happa Zome technique to create a neckerchief with an elder toggleY5:Fossil casting as part of overall Andy Goldsworthy inspired Land Art session.
Y6:Woodallion for making a brew in the woods as part of a bushcraft session