COVID-19 Questions and answers

Below are frequently asked questions, with the school responses to things related to COVID-19:



1. Is school be open to all pupils?

Yes. From 8th March 2021 school will be fully open for all pupils. The Government have said that it is mandatory that pupils attend from this date.


2. What Health and Safety measures have school put into place?

Please click here for our school COVID-19 Risk Assessment (updated March 2021).


3. Will the children who are attending school continue to be in 'Bubble groups'?

Yes. During the school day, the children in each year group will form a bubble group and be taught by one of the year group teachers for the majority of the time. At break and lunch times, the year bubble groups will remain in place (this is in line with the Department of Education (DfE) guidance).  

During the week, each bubble will be taught by one other teacher, whilst their class teacher receives their Planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA). 

At times there may be staff absence. This could be due to COVID or other reasons. When this occurs, school will be required to cover the bubble with a non-class based Christ Church member of staff, a teaching assistant or a supply teacher to ensure that the children can still come to school. 

The Government recognises that children can not socially distance and it is acceptable for them not to keep their distance when in their bubble groups.  


4. What will classrooms look like?

Children will sit facing forward in their classrooms. This may be done by using rows or sitting in a horseshoe shape. (apart from Reception children and Year 1 who will learn in a more fluid way). They will be given their own pencil case which school will fill with the required stationary. 


5. What will happen a break and lunchtimes?

There will be staggered break and lunchtimes so that children can remain in their year group bubbles at all times. School will provide hot lunches if required. School will not be providing hot snacks at break time. 


6. Will there be staggered start and end times for school?

Yes. These will remain the same as what was in place in the autumn term.

The doors for KS1 children (including Reception), will open at 8.30am with a school start time of 8.45am. Reception will finish at 2.50pm. Year 1 and Year 2 will finish at 3pm. Each year group will be allocated an entrance/exit door to avoid interactions with other bubbles. 

The doors for KS2 children will open at 8.50am and school will start at 9.05am. Year 3 and Year 4 children will finish school at 3.15pm. Year 5 and Year 6 children will finish school at 3.20pm. Each year group will be allocated an entrance/exit door to avoid interactions with other bubbles.  


7. What will home learning look like if our child is unable to come to school?

We are using Microsoft Teams for our learning platform. Click here to access the letter explaining how this will be used for Remote Learning and what school will provide for your child 


8. Is Wrap Around Care (WAC) still going to be provided by the school

Our Wrap Around Care facility will be fully open again from 8th March for both breakfast and after school club. The children will remain in their year group bubbles when attending the facility.


9. If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in school, what will happen?

If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in school, school will seek immediate advice, following the Government guidance.  

Click here for the guidance letter about this.


10. How will school ensure that my child is as safe as possible when attending?

School will implement a number of actions for prevention including:

  • Keeping children in their class/year group bubble groups
  • Encouraging frequent washing of hands 
  • Encouraging the use of hand sanitiser throughout the day
  • Good respiratory hygiene 'catch it, bin it, kill it.'
  • Having their own pencil case filler with stationary 
  • Coming to school on PE/Games days in their kit to prevent the children having to get changed
  • Enhanced cleaning through the day and after the children have gone home


11. How will I know what remote learning to expect if my child is off school due to COVID-19?

The document below is a quick guide showing you what remote learning to expect for your child due to the different COVID-19 absence scenarios: