COVID-19 Questions and answers

Below are frequently asked questions, with the school responses to things related to COVID-19 and /or other illnesses which require period of isolation:


 UPDATED: May 2022

1. Is school be open to all pupils?

Yes. School is open to all pupils


2. What Health and Safety measures have school put into place?

We continue to have air purifiers in every classroom along with keeping doors and windows open to encourage air flow. Hand sanitisers are situated outside classrooms and next to the doors used to enter and exit the building. 


3. Will the children who are attending school continue to be in 'Bubble groups'?

Children no longer need to be in bubbles. School is now operating as it did before the pandemic.


4. What will classrooms look like?

Children are taught in mixed ability group across the year group using both classrooms. 


5. What will happen a break and lunchtimes?

KS1 and KS2 have separate break and lunchtime time.


6. Will there be staggered start and end times for school?

The doors open for  all children 8.40am and close by 8.55am. Year group have been allocated different doors to enter and exit from so that there is less congestion in certain areas but thy can use any door to enter into school.  School ends at 3.15pm for Reception and 3.20pm for the rest of the school. 


7. What will remote learning look like if our child is unable to come to school due to an illness where they need to isolate for 48 hours or more (e.g. COVID-19) or for an illness where a child is well enough to access home learning but not able to attend school e.g. recovering from a broken bone or operation?

We are using Microsoft Teams for our Learning Platform. Click here to access the policy explaining our Remote Learning offer and what school will provide for your child. 


8. Is Wrap Around Care (WAC) still going to be provided by the school

Our Wrap Around Care facility is full open for both Breakfast Club and After School Club. 


9. How will school ensure that my child is as safe as possible when attending (in relation to a contagious illness or National Pandemic)?

School will implement a number of actions for prevention including:

  • Encouraging frequent washing of hands 
  • Encouraging the use of hand sanitiser throughout the day
  • Good respiratory hygiene 'catch it, bin it, kill it.'
  • Coming to school on PE/Games days in their kit to prevent the children having to get changed
  • High quality cleaning through the day and after the children have gone home