COVID-19 Questions and answers

Below are frequently asked questions, with the school responses to things related to COVID-19:


1. Will school be open to all pupils in September?

Yes, unless the Government guidance changes, school will be open in September to all children.

School opens to pupils on Thursday 3rd September; there are two INSET days on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020. 


2. What Health and Safety measures have school put into place for September?

Please click here for our school Risk Assessment. 


3. Will the children be in 'Bubble groups' when they return in September?

Yes. During the school day, the children in each class will form a bubble group and be taught by their class teacher for the majority of the time. At break and lunch times, the class bubble groups will increase to a year group bubble (this is in line with the Department of Education (DfE) guidance).  

The Government recognises that children can not socially distance and it is acceptable for them not to keep their distance when in their bubble groups.  


4. What will classrooms look like in September?

Children will sit facing forward in their classrooms (apart from Reception children who will learn in a more fluid way). They will be given their own pencil case which school will fill with the required stationary. 


5. What will happen a break and lunchtimes?

There will be staggered break and lunchtimes so that children can remain in their year group bubbles at all times. School will provide hot lunches if required. School will not be providing hot snacks at break time. 


6. Will there be staggered start and end times for school?


The doors for KS1 children (including Reception), will open at 8.30am with a school start time of 8.45am. KS1 children will finish school at 3pm. Each year group will be allocated an entrance/exit door to avoid interactions with other bubbles. 

The doors for KS2 children will open at 8.50am and school will start at 9.05am. KS2 children will finish school at 3.20pm. Each year group will be allocated an entrance/exit door to avoid interactions with other bubbles. 


7. How will school be addressing any gaps in the children's learning? 

Staff will be looking closely at the curriculum map and weekly timetables in September. There will be a strong emphasis on basic skills in Maths and English; basic skills from their previous year groups alongside the skills required in their new year groups. 

Informal assessments will take place in September when the children return to school, allowing class teachers an opportunity to gain an understanding of the needs of each individual child in their class. 

There will be a emphasis placed on the teaching of the core subjects but combining this with a sensible balance with other subjects so that the children are receiving a full and rich curriculum diet. 

Teaching Assistants will be used to support individuals and groups of children to that learning can be supported. 

There will be a strong focus on well-being throughout our curriculum offer. 


8. What will home learning look like in September if our child is unable to come to school?

From September, the DfE requires schools to provide children who are unable to come to school with the access to the full curriculum online. The Government have commissioned The Oak Academy to provide n online curriculum for all year groups to access. These resources include pre-recorded lessons delivered by  teachers. 

Listening to parental feedback, we are aware of the importance of our pupils having sight of their class teachers. Therefore, it is our intention to combine The Oak Academy resources alongside providing some pre-recorded basic skills lessons by class teachers at Christ Church. 

We are also looking into different platforms to enable children to upload completed work and obtain feedback for this. 


9. Is Wrap Around Care (WAC) still going to be provided by the school in September?

The DfE guidance states that WAC can take place from September. School will maintain Year group bubbles whilst the children attend this facility. 

The start and end time of the facility, and the costs will remain the same (though KS1 children will attend the facility 15 minutes earlier than before due to the end time of their school day - there will be no extra cost for this). 


10. If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in school, what will happen?

If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in school, school will seek immediate advice from Public Health England.  


11. How will school ensure that my child is as safe as possible when attending?

School will implement a number of actions for prevention including:

  • Keeping children in their class/year group bubble groups
  • Encouraging frequent washing of hands 
  • Encouraging the use of hand sanitiser throughout the day
  • Good respiratory hygiene 'catch it, bin it, kill it.'
  • Enhanced cleaning through the day and after the children have gone home