Sports Premium


The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for academic years 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 to provide new, substantial primary school sport funding. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school Headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

The purpose of the funding is that schools will have to spend the sport funding in improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.


Funding Period

The sport funding was to be paid for the two academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15. The government have now extended this to 2019/20 also.



Schools will be held to account for how they spend the sport funding. Ofsted has strengthened its coverage of sport and PE within the Inspectors' Handbook and supporting guidance, so that schools and inspectors know how sport and PE will be assessed in future as part of the school's overall provision offered.

The money received is being used in a number of different ways to support the provision of improved quality of sports and PE for all pupils. The spending of our sports premium is reported to the Resources governors every term and is analysed in the Head Teacher's report in the termly full governor meeting.


Meeting the National Curriculum for swimming and water safety 

82% of our Year 6 children can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres. 

70% of our Year 6 children can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 50 metres.

70% of our Year 6 children can use a range of strokes effectively (front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke).

Where we are now

(Autumn term 2019)

Focus - to spend a portion of the Sports Premium money on improving school facilities to allow year long access to PE lessons and schemes designed to raise fitness levels and tackle childhood obesity. Also, to use the Sports Premium to raise teaching standards in school and therefore impact the children further in their attainment of the PE Key Skills





To ensure the teaching of PE in school is of a high standard and children make progress in regards their year group key skills

Staff to identify areas of the curriculum they may need support in through use of an audit.

Focussed curriculum support then delivered by Progressive Sports to ensure the up-skilling of teachers and the progress of the children in their class

Costings - £5565 for 35 weeks of support across the year.

Questionnaires to be completed by staff to assess their progress in understanding and monitoring of the children who have been involved to assess progress made.

To ensure all children in school have access to modern, useful facilities that contribute to PE lessons and extra-curricular sport.

Quotes to be obtained for a running track to ensure Marathon Kids can continue to be effective year round and also for a shelter which will allow games lessons to take place in adverse weather.

Assessed when final quotes are obtained. 

Current quotes -  £14,400 on running track and £5000 towards the shelter.

Impact to be assessed through effectiveness and usage through the year – marathon kid’s results and the continuing of games through winter months.

The running track will provide an excellent facility that can be used in all weathers and year round to allow Marathon Kids to take place – a fitness scheme aimed at raising fitness levels and targeting childhood obesity. This running track will also provide an excellent resource for Sports Day.

The shelter will allow curriculum games lessons to take place during winter months when otherwise they may have been cancelled. Children should never miss PE lessons; they are of great importance to children’s physical development and activity levels. The shelter will allow games to take place in winter months and even provide shaded conditions for sports to take place during the summer.

To ensure all children have access to relevant PE equipment to support the teaching in PE lessons and extra-curricular sport.

PE equipment order to be carried out and then necessary equipment ordered.

Costings to be added when equipment ordered.


Another audit to be carried out later in the year to assess whether the equipment is used and if it is helpful

To ensure Health and Fitness is given importance within school

Investgate the possibility of health and fitness programmes that would be useful for Christ Church children

Impact assessed later in year

Summer term 2018-2019


Comparison made between running track quotes and shelter quotes before meeting with JP and TB to discuss how to proceed

Ongoing in finding quotes for a shelter

Quotes for shelter to be obtained




New sports kit

ST to contact ‘Goodies’ to obtain quotes for sports sweatshirts, polo shirts and football kit

Quote to be obtained

Due to money spent on running track and shelter – sports kit moved to next year - possibility of fund raising next year


Transports to Staffordshire games

Coach company contacted to arrange transport to Staffs games where we have 3 cross country teams competing



Team Rubicon enrichment days

Skateboarding and scootering workshops

£300 – moved to next year as money spent elsewhere


Staffs games

ST to attend games

Premium money spent on teacher cover


Increase the extra-curricular competition to include a wider variety of competition

ST was going to contact Bliss group to set up a mini-league; however, he has managed to negotiate inclusion within a Burntwood schools mini-league

Continued extra-curricular sport for next year – meeting taking place on 24/6/19 to organize provision for next year

(Autumn + Spring term 2018-2019)

2017-2018 success:

  • After school sport/competitions – more sports clubs took place last year than ever before. This meant there was variety and children could experience new sports and support their skill base in existing ones. These after-school clubs led to a greater amount of inter-school competition and greater success for Christ Church.
  • Marathon kids – children increased their fitness levels as detailed from pre and post fitness tests. Children also completed, on average, 1km of exercise every day.
  • Intra-school sports competition – children competed in their school houses in a range of different sports.




Money spent/review


Purchase equipment

Audit existing equipment and order. Keep in mind potential clubs during the year and the equipment that will be needed to support these clubs

£1000 – updated through the school year - completed


Continue to offer a wide range of after school clubs

To use Progressive Sports to offer 2 after school clubs weekly.

ST – football/cross country club

CC – Netball club

£600 per month - completed


Participate in inter school competition

Enter sporting competition linked to after school clubs

ST and AMB to attend all events

 A wide range of inter-school sport competition has been participated in, e.g. football, netball, handball


Improve facilities in school

Investigate the possibility of a running track around the school field – ST to obtain quotes. Purpose is to allow year long access to Marathon Kids.

Quotes also to be obtained for a shelter for the playground

TBC - ongoing


Relaunch Marathon Kids

Marathon kids to be relaunched around October Half term

Continuation from last year


Network within Bliss group

To further links within the Bliss group to PE   - discussion of PE funding and how to have best impact on school



Playground leaders

Children to attend Playground leaders course and then implement their learning at school to train other children – impact would be to improve playtime and lunchtime organisation.

 Playground leaders are used to run games during lunchtimes and support children when playing


Transport to sporting events

Money to be used for Taxis/Mini buses/Coaches to ensure all sporting events can be attended

£500 – ongoing through school year - used in Summer term for the Staffs games


PE Action Plan 2017-2018

  • Focus – This year’s focus will be on improving the school’s performance in inter-school competition and maintaining the high levels of participation in school sport.
  • Balance carried forwards - £5,620
  • Sport Premium already received - £4,090
  • Total: £9710




Money spent/review


Improve performance in inter-school sport

·         Use Aspire coaches to provide focussed, competition driven after school clubs. These will change throughout the year to match any up-coming competition.

·         To employ Joseph Czechowski to work similarly to Aspire coaches to provide focussed training after and in school time to prepare children for after school competition.

£3570 full year – paid monthly throughout the year for 2 weekly after school clubs


£3,148 until March


Improve provision in school with specific sporting equipment purchased.

·         To order equipment with the purpose of supporting the after school clubs that will be provided throughout the year so these clubs can continue after Aspire coaches have finished. JC to continue these clubs at lunchtimes and after school.

·         Order bikes for early years

£1000 - updated through school year.


Ensure children can attend competition

·         Money to be set aside for transport for children to events, e.g. taxi/coach

£500 – ongoing through school year


Update key skills document related to PE

·         Streamline PE skills to focus on acquisition of skills, decision making and evaluation of performance to ensure children’s physical development is tracked throughout the time at school


ST to share skills in curriculum groups


Improve the facilities for children at school

·         Money made available for Trim Trail improvements

·         Money made available for shelter on playground.

Any further spending on facilities subject to quotes.


Allow children to widen their range of sports experienced

·         Use Aspire coaches to provide 2 enrichment days where a wide variety of sports are provided



To re-do Trim Trail in order to enrich lunchtimes for children

·         Money use to pay for trim trail equipment – can also be used within PE lessons



To begin the Marathon Kids programme in school

·         To run Marathon Kids (children run 3 marathons over the course of a year.

·         To be used in conjunction with Health and Fitness

£600 to cover start of programme and additional equipment


To run an intra-school mixed sport tournament over the course of a week

·         In new houses (ST and AMC to devise), children compete in a range of mixed sport intra school competitions with rewards (medals) at the end. Use ASPIRE to help facilitate this



To ensure children attend sporting events

·         Money to be set aside for transport for children to events, e.g. taxi/coach

£500 – ongoing through school year


Health and Fitness week

·         Run a formal health and fitness week in school. Include provision from within and out of school as well as working in conjunction with DT and Science to have a healthy eating focus.




Fitness tests

·         Children to complete baseline fitness test. This will measure the children’s fitness levels against a national average.

·         Children will then be tested again before the end of Summer Term.

·         In between, children will run a marathon through Marathon Kids.

·         Progress in their fitness should be seen between pre and post tests and data should show how this intervention (marathon) has had an impact on the children



Marathon Kids

·         Launch of Marathon Kids has been successful. Children need to run 6 laps (1.2km) daily to complete their marathon in the time available till the end of term.

Launch a success and children have increased base fitness level


Intra-school tournament

·         In progress of being planned. Children to compete in their new house teams in a series of different sports to earn points for their house team.

·         Data possibly to be show on Spreadsheet created by ST

·         Football, basketball, rounders, running and throwing events, multi-skills

·         Allow new house teams to receive boost and credence

Children competed in houses in a number of different intra school sports – feedback was positive and something I will look to continue next year


Inter-school competition

·         Children continue to compete in inter-school competition – see below



How we will spend the money 2015/16 and 2016/17


Action Impact  Funding 

 1. Carry out a pupil voice questionnaire with children across school to assess what children enjoy and then to use this information to adapt the curriculum.

 A greater understanding of the value and

impact of PE in our school and for our pupils


 2. To ensure that all staff have access

to purchased lesson plans

All PE teaching is consistent and linked to

the National Curriculum 


(previous year


 3.  To carry out an equipment audit

 PE equipment is useful

and that there is the necessary equipment

available for the requirements of the National Curriculum


 4. To order the necessary equipment needed in light of the equipment audit

There is the necessary equipment

available for the requirements of the National Curriculum


 5. To use ASPIRE coaching company to provide two extra-curricular clubs per week

 The children have access to new sports and a wide

range of extra-curricular activities

 £860 per term

 6. To re-establish playground leaders

from Year 6/5 to organise and run games

during lunchtimes

 All children have more opportunities to

participate in physical activities outside PE and games lessons

 £1000 - new equipment

 7. To carry out pupil voice to assess

the curriculum and adapt.

 A greater understanding of the value of PE

in school from our pupils

 8. To investigate the possibility of extending the penned area. (this was complete in Spring 2017)  Maximising the opportunities for children to access sport in school


(supported also by SA funds)

 9. To investigate the possibility of covering the table tennis area   Maximising the opportunities for children to access sport in school


(supported also by other school funding)

 10. To make links with the local garden bowls club Offering the children a greater variety of sporting opportunities


 11. To ensure that the children have access to sports off site Allowing children to take part in sporting events/competitions off site 


 12. To investigate the possibility of installing a crazy golf course Children provided with access to different sports 


 13. To enquire about starting breakfast and lunchtime sports clubs (this is now taking place

Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017)

Children who are unable to attend after school clubs will still be able to access sports.  


 14. To use a sport coaches to team teach alongside teachers in school

(Autumn 2016 and Spring term 2017)

 Teachers have a greater understanding when teaching areas of the PE and games curriculum. This good practice will be shared amongst staff



Budget at the start of the academic year: £21,150 (11,380 bought forward from previous budget to support multi-skills area)

Paralympic enrichment days: £2000

PE equipment: £676.27

Aspire sports coaches:£2,792.74

(after school and lunchtime club and curriculum support in Year 2 and 3 in Gymnastics and dance)

CCSC (multi-skills area named by the children in school): £9,450.40

Other expenditure: Taxi to sporting events


Money now available (February 2017): £5,151.45

To be used for:

L5 curriculum PE course (PE subject Leader)

Continued curriculum support

Future enrichment days in Summer term


 What we spent 2014/15 Sports Premium on and its impact





1.To ensure that PE teaching is consistent and linked to the National Curriculum.  Lessons plans and resources linked to the new National Curriculum, supported the teaching and learning which took place in school.

£571 from Progressive Sports

2. To renew membership with the Youth Sports trust

CPD opportunities and resource for staff ensured high quality PE and games lesson

£300 annual cost

3. To raise the profile of PE in school through a reward system with children’s PE and games achievements will be recognised and rewarded

The profile of PE was raised in school (pupil questionnaire evidence)

£22 for rewards

4. To ensure children have access to appropriate equipment linked to their needs across different sports. PE equipment is now useful and there is the necessary equipment available for the requirements of the National Curriculum

£2000 for resources

5. To ensure that all children participate in PE and games lessons

Children were provided with suitable kit and so  able to take part in lessons

20 kits provided as surplus from order

6. To ensure all children have the opportunity to participate in physical activity outside of their P.E and games lessons Playground leaders were used to deliver physical activities during playtime and lunchtime. Positive feedback was obtained

£500 for 30 T-shirts for playground leaders

7. To provide more opportunities for children to participate in sport outside of the classroom

Two visits to Aston Villa Football club took place for years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

£1000 transport costs

8. To provide opportunities for the whole school to participate in sport Whole school took part in a sporting day, provididing new sports and this enthused children and inspired them for the future

£600 estimate

9. To allow children to access sport in school and experience enjoyment Health and Fitness week, centered around sports days took place - focusing on health and well-being throughout the week

£600 estimate

10. To provide children with more opportunities to participate in sports not delivered in the curriculum

Children tried a wider variety of sporting activities

£3000 for sports coaches combined with CPD

1To gain extra subject knowledge to aid the delivery of P.E External coaching company supported teaching in regards CPD and team teaching opportunities

£3000 for sports coaches combined with extra curricular support

To provide children who compete in sporting competitions with a kit  Children have  Christ Church kit to wear, which they are very proud of

 £850 – Red Logo t-shirts and hoodies

 To provide more opportunities for the whole school to participate in sport  The whole school took part in a sporting acitivity through individual year group workshops that was delivered by sports specialists. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all children.  

 Estimate of daily cost - £225-£300

 To ensure children have access to appropriate equipment linked to their needs across different sports.  New outdoor table tennis tables were installed to work in conjunction with playground leaders

 £2,400 - effectiveness to then be reviewed