Our Curriculum


Curriculum Vision at Christ Church Primary School 



Our aim for everything that we teach at Christ Church is to engage and promote high levels of progress and enjoyment. We approach our curriculum through answering a ‘Big Question’, where we incorporate several subjects which link together. Our Big Question will then be split into smaller Learning Challenges over a series of lessons.

The Learning Challenges are posed as questions which are designed to hook the children into their learning. They also act as a model for the children to be able to ask their own questions throughout the topic.

We work towards a ‘Showcase’, where the children will demonstrate their learning at the end of the series of lessons. This may involve inviting parents to come in and see some aspect of their learning, or showing other children in school.



We believe that all of our children need to love learning. We recognise that the more active role they have in their learning, the more they will want to learn. The Big Questions and Learning Challenges lead the way for children to take ownership and to really consider what possible answers there could be along the way.

Children are challenged to carry out their own research independently and with their peers or adult support. Towards the upper end of KS2, children carry out longer and more challenging research projects which enable them to take their learning on a longer journey, both at home and at school.


Wow’ learning

We create opportunities for ‘wow’ moments in our curriculum by providing a deep, sometimes mysterious context for the children. For example, using the learning space to create the aftermath of an ‘earthquake’ in order to introduce the topic of Extreme Environments. We use sessions such as this to provide an even deeper ‘hook’ into the topic and also for children to decide where and how they want to take their learning forward. It is these times where we are encouraged to ‘come off timetable’ for a short time, and to take greater risks with our teaching strategies.



Above all, we are proud of the high quality learning outcomes with which our children leave Christ Church. The starting point is our curriculum: what we teach and how we teach it. As a school are always striving towards even higher outcomes, not just in our results, but in how we shape our children as learners, ready for adult life.


Subject Skills Grids

 Below are the links to our individual subject skills grids. The grids evidence which skills are covered in the different subjects in each year group.









Art and DT

To see our ‘Big Question’ curriculum, please click here.

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If you would like to speak to anyone regarding our school curriculum, please feel free to contact the school office to arrange a meeting with either your child's class teacher or our curriculum leader Lorna Pennock.