Aims & Values 


 Respect - Care - Responsibility

Relationships - Resilience - Risk Taking - Reflective - Resourceful

         Christ Church CE (c) Primary School

At Christ Church we value ourselves, each other and the environment by showing respect, caring and taking responsibility.


Alongside this, we strive to:


 - Form strong relationships with both our peers and adults in school, looking after one another.

 - Be reflective and taking responsibility for our learning.

 - Show resilience towards any challenges that we face.

 - Take risks so that we can aspire to be the very best learners, workers and members of society.

 - Be resourceful, in challenging situations by using our problem solving skills.



It is through our beliefs and values that we ensure enjoyment, happiness and academic excellence.



Our British values also underpin our school ethos and we develop our understanding of these throughout our curriculum.