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2018/2019 - Check out everything that has been going on at Christ Church this school year. Weekly updates can be found by clicking on the 'weekly events' tab.



Year 6 Leavers' Service

 It was wonderful to see our Year 6 children lead their Leavers' Service on Tuesday. A great job and a brilliant end to your time at Christ Church.


Year 6 trip to Harry Potter Studios

On Wednesday Year 6 had the best time at Harry Potter Studios in London.


Times Table Rockstar's

Children in Year 2, 3 and 4 had a super time taking part in our very first TT Rockstars Day. What amazing costumes too!


Year 6 Production

Well done to brilliant Year 6 children for two amazing performances of 'Super Stan'.


Sports Day

What a day we had on Monday for this year's Sports Day! It was great to see so many parents and carers out to support the children.

Thank you also to our super School Association for their hard work on the day selling delicious refreshments.


Salads in Year 2

Year 2 developed their D&T skills this week when they prepared some delicious salads to enjoy.


Athletics Tournament

A brilliant effort from all the children in Key Stage 2 that took part in this week's Athletics competition in Beacon Park. It was great to see such super team spirit and even some medals too!


Butterflies in Reception

As part of their Big Question this term Reception have been growing and caring for butterflies. On Monday afternoon the children got to release them into the wild.


Year 3 Performance

A huge well done to the children in Year 3 that took part in the Greek Opera at St. Mary's Church on Monday and Tuesday evening this week. We are so proud of you all and the hard work that you have put into the wonderful singing.



Mystery Door

We had a bit of a surprise on Monday morning when we were faced with a mysterious door that had appeared in the Environmental Area. Where could it have come from? Who could have put it there?

We had lots of investigating to do!


Year 3 Greek Day

What a super day it was for Year 3 on Wednesday when they transformed into Ancient Greek's for the day. The children took part in many Greek themed activities and were able to further their knowledge.


Year 4 Egyptian Day

As part of their Big Question, Year 4 had a day where they immersed themselves in the world of an Ancient Egyptian. The children learnt so much and really developed their knowledge of this historical time.


Informative Worships

Thank you to our wonderful Eco-Councillors and Health & Safety Officers for leading worship on Monday. It was great to hear all about how we can keep ourselves safe in the sun and to find our the winning year groups for Christ Church in Bloom.


Getting Creative

Year 3 and Year 4 have put their DT, Art and History knowledge to the test this week as they have been learning lots of new skills.


Year 1 Trip

What a super time Year 1 had at the farm on Tuesday. The children were brilliantly behave and represented Christ Church superbly.


Year 3 Worship

We have loved the Year 3 worship today all about the Ancient Greek's. Great costumes, brilliant acting and lovely loud voices - well done Year 3!


Year 6 Church Worship  

Year 6 visited Church where they learnt all about the reredos and it's meaning. Thank you to the parents / carers who were able to join us for this service.


Reception Library Visit

Reception had a super morning on Monday at the brand new Library. The children loved listening to stories and taking part in some colouring tasks.


Reception trip

Reception went on their first trip out of school. They spent the day at Wolsley Bridge learning all about animals and their habitats.


Year 2 Zoolab Visit

As part of their learning this term, Year 2 had a very special visit from Zoolab. They had the chance to meet some very interesting creatures!


Year 6 Bikeability

Everyone in Year 6 took part in Level 1 and Level 2 Bikeability this week. The children all enjoyed the opportunity to learn about keeping safe on their bike.


Whitemoor Lakes

What a brilliant few days Year 4 had Whitemoor Lakes! The children represented Christ Church fantastically and really made everyone proud. It was great to see everyone take part in such varied activities - we definitely have a few risk takers!


Year 3 Library Visits

Year 3 visited the brand new Library in Lichfield. They couldn't believe how beautiful the library is and managed to choose plenty of exciting new books to read.


Year 6 Art 

As part of their learning this half term, Year 6 have created some Viking inspired art.


Visiting Lichfield Fire Station

Year 5 visited Lichfield Fire station where they learnt all about the different aspects of being safe both in and out of the home.


Marvellous Maths

Year 1 and Year 5 have been very practical in their lessons. Year 1 have used coins to make specific amounts. Whereas Year 5 have used shapes and technology to learn about the 3D shapes.



Whole School Story

After lots of hard work, we have concluded our whole school story - we can't wait to read it altogether!


PE in Year 1

Year 1 have developed their PE skills and have thought of numerous ways to travel.


Let's Get Physical

Year 4 and Year 5 enjoyed their very physical PE lessons. They had a company come into school to deliver some different sports which everyone loved taking part in.


Woodland Trust working with Year 1

Year 1 children got to work with adults from the Woodland Trust to make their very own bird boxes. These will then be placed in our school environmental area.

Introducing Author Hour

 This school year we have all become Authors and to celebrate this we have created our very own Author Hour magazine!


2017/2018 - Check out everything that has been going on at Christ Church this school year. Weekly updates can be found by clicking on the 'weekly events' tab.


Year 6 Treats 

 So the time has come to say farewell to our wonderful Year 6 children. What an oustadning year group they have been! This week they have enjoyed some end of year treats, including: Dominoes pizza, Beacon Park, ice cream and hoodies from the School Association. 
Goodbye and good luck Year 6 - you will be missed!

Year 2 Salads

 Year 2 impressed everyone with their food preparation skills this week when they made their very own healthy salads. Washing up was impressive too! 

Sewing in Year 3

 Wow Year 3, what wonderful sewing skills! 

Zoolab Visit 

Year 2 had a super morning on Thursday when Zoolab visited. Some of the interesting and amazing creatures included: a giant stick-insect, corn snake, scorpion and a tortoise. What a super time year 2 had!

Learning in Year 5 

 Year 5 have been busy planning a trip to Rio this week as part of their Big Question. What a great use of their maths skills!

Year 6 Production - What a Knight 

 Wow! Year 6 blew us all away with their outstanding acting and singing during their two performance on Tuesday of 'What a Knight'. Well done! 

Sports Day

 What a super day the whole school had! Sports Day was a huge success. We think everyone looked amazing in their new team colours.

Year 4 Worship

On Friday we witnessed a fantastic worship from Year 4 about their recent residential to Whitemoor Lakes.

Arabian Nights

Children in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful performance of Arabian Nights. Thank you to the the brilliant actors and actresses for a great show!

Year 6 Celebration Trip 

What a super time Year 6 had! They started their day with a trip to Jump Extreme, followed by lunch and snacks and then it was off to Bowling for more fun with their friends. 


Year 5 Art

 As part of their art work, Year 5 have been putting their sculpture skills to the test. There's some really impressive art work out there!


Science in Year 3

As part of their learning in Science, Year 3 have been learning about shadows and how they are formed and alter throughout the day. 


Year 6 Extravaganza 

What a success for Year 6! They held their very own Extravaganza Day and were visited by children from Year 1 - Year 5. After lots of hard work and dedication, Year 6 managed to raise an extremely impressive £906!!
Thank you to everyone for their support. 


Eco Day

We had a whole school Eco Day. Each year group took part in a range of eco based activities.


Hotel Christ Church

Year 3 had a super night as they slept at Hotel Christ Church! The children took part in games, watched a DVD and enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows. Not to forget sleeping on the hall floor!!


Year 1 getting creative

 What creative children we have in Year 1!


Year 5 D&T day 

Year 5 were put to the test earlier as they had a full day working on their latest D&T project.


Year 1 & Year 6 working together 

Whilst most children in Year 6 were out on their transition days, those that stayed behind were an amazing support to Year 1 in maths. Well done! 


Whitemoor Lakes 

 What a brilliant time Year 4 have had on their residential to Whitemoor Lakes. The children took part in a huge range of activities and had such a lot of fun with their friends.


Year 5 Library Visits

  Year 5 had a great tim when they visited King Edwards school to take part in some story-telling.  


Reception's First trip

Reception had a super day at Wolseley Bridge and came back to school very excited.


Check out the latest creations made by our very own chefs in Year 3 and Year 4! 


Year 3 Greek Day

Year 3 had their very own Greek Day. The children dressed in some wonderful costumes and particularly enjoyed sampling the Greek food!


Year 6 Inspire at Lichfield Cathedral

Year 6 took part in a brilliant Inspire day at Lichfield Cathedral. The day was organised by members of the Diocese and was a great opportunity for Year 6 to learn about the world issues and take part in a number of exciting and interesting tasks.


Year 6 Bikeability

What a super two days Year 6 have had on their Bikeability Level 2 course. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst learning about remaining safe on the road.
It makes us extremely proud of just how wonderfully the children behaved during the two days and what super ambassadors of Christ Church they are.


Art in Year 3

As part of their Big Question, Year 3 have been designing and making their very own Greek pots.
What super artists we have!


Good to be Green

Once again it was a super Good to be Green worship. A huge thank you to our brilliant governors for attending and handing out lots of certificates. Well done to all of those children who received prizes and stayed Green for the whole half term!



Well done to the Key Stage 2 children who took part in a cricket tournament - a brilliant team effort!


Jungle Day

 What a super day for Reception as they dressed as jungle animals as part of their Big Question learning.


Inspire at Lichfield Cathedral

Year 4 had a wonderful day at Lichfield Cathedral where they had the opportunity to take a part in a range of creative tasks.


Science Week

As a whole school we explored the question: Can you make your haribo grow? What a super week of investigations!


Marathon Kids

This Summer we saw the launch of Marathon Kids! We are very excited to see how many marathons we can run as a school.


Young engineers

Year 6 put their engineering brains to the test as they completed a range of challenging tasks.


Year 5 Orienteering 

 Year 5 had a super time orienteering at The Friary. 



Big Questions are launched!

 It was fantastic to see and hear the excitement around school as spring term Big Questions were launched in each year group! Here are just a few photos of the excitement in action:



Library Visits

 6AS had a super afternoon at Lichfield library where they got to know a number of books and explored what the library has to offer. It was wonderful to see everyone walking away with two books to read.


PE in Reception

What an exciting week for Reception - the first time that they have got changed for their PE lesson! It looks as though everyone thoroughly enjoyed being in their PE kit.


Being Artistic in Year 2

Year 2 have investigated the artwork of Millie Marotta. They really enjoyed colouring our own designs!

Science in Year 4

Year 4 have been drew the different parts of the digestive system as part of their new learning in science. Some interesting ideas!