Our Mission

At Christ Church Primary School, we aim to establish a sporting culture that enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport.

Christ Church is proud of the sport that we offer; both in PE and Games lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Every child takes part in at least 2 hours of physical activity each week. This is either in PE lessons in the hall or a Games  lesson outside. Over their time at Christ Church children will have experienced various sports and gained many skills.


Community Links


We are very lucky to have great links with local clubs. From the enjoyment of PE in school, many children go on to join local teams and clubs in a number of sports, such as: Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby and Tennis.


 Enrichment opportunities.

 During the academic year, children have the opportunity to participate in PE enrichment activities where they experience new and exciting sports that they might never have encountered before. It is hoped that these sporting activities inspire children to continue to access them outside of school and continues to nurture a life-long love of physical activity.

During the summer term, 2022, children participated in VX ball - a variation of dodgeball using scoops and balls - and Cube Problem Solving - a series of 8 activities that challenged children's problem solving, teamwork and resilience skills.

When asked about these activities, children said:

Year 3 – Cube problem solving activities.

Each activity was different and really challenging.

The ball throwing challenge was great – it improved our throwing and aiming skills.

The hopping game was good when we had to play rock, paper scissors to win.

It helped us improve many different PE skills in one session.

We had to solve problems – we had to change our throwing techniques and in the stacking game we tried different ways of stacking to become quicker.


Year 4 – VX ball

We used scoops and plastic balls to play a game similar to dodgeball

We needed to work on our teamwork skills to work together and it helped us work on our dodging, agility and accuracy.

This might help with football, as we need to use those skills in that game.

 In the future, we would like more opportunities to play cricket and dodgeball in school.


Year 2 – Cube Problem solving.

We played rock, paper, scissors hop.

We did a jumping activity where we had to jump over a rope – we changed our technique to make us faster.

The stacking activity was great and it made us think about how to make our towers safe.

We use balancing skills and aiming skills in the different activities. 

We needed to solve problems.


What do children at Christ Church think of their PE lessons?

Year 5:


What is PE?

PE is physical exercise. It includes different sports in Games and also gymnastics and dance.  We work on throwing and catching, kicking and dodging skills and we play matches against each other. We love making routines in gymnastics and dance.

What new skills have you learnt in PE at school?

Gymnastics - we have learnt different rolls and jumps and put these in a routine.

Games - we have learnt how to make different passes in Netball and thought about how to beat the other team. We have tracked in different games to help us intercept. 

I have become better at balancing in different dances.

What do you enjoy about PE at ChristChurch?

We enjoy being outside of the classroom but still learning.

We like getting better at different skills and then using them in games.

We like making teams with our friends and working together.

We like playing new sports - it makes me want to play them outside of school.

I have joined a tennis club because I enjoyed it in PE.

We love Marathon Kids as it keeps us fit - my head is clear when I do other lessons inside.

Sport Clubs at Christ Church

We offer a number of sports clubs for children in all years. The clubs depend on the time of year. Some of the clubs that we offer include:

Hockey – This is an opportunity for Key Stage 2 children to learn and develop the basic skills. We aim to enter a hockey tournament each year at Lichfield Hockey Club.

Football – We have been fortunate to have a coach from the Bryan Small Academy to deliver this training for children in Year 5 and 6. There are regular matches and tournaments that we take part in.

Netball– This is a club for both boys and girls in Years 5 and 6. The children have weekly training sessions and compete in a number of tournaments and matches.

Cross Country– This is for children in Year 5 and 6. The children go out weekly and compete in a number of local tournaments.

TagRugby – A weekly club for children in Key Stage 2. This club is lead by a local coach who aims to teach the children the basic skills of the sport. We aim to enter a tournament each year.

Tennis– This club is for children in Year 2 and 3 and is an introduction to the basic skills required for the sport.

Rounders– This is a club for Key Stage 2 children. The children learn the skills of the sport and participate in a tournament towards the end of the summer term.

Athletics– This club is available in the Summer term for all key stage 2 children. It is an opportunity for children to explore different areas of Athletics and have the chance to be entered into a county tournament.

Other after-school clubs have included:




Extreme sports

Ultimate frisbee

Garden bowls



Paralympic legacy club