Welcome To Year 6

 from Mr Davies and Miss Potter

Please click here for the Year 6 information sheet for September 2022.

Buryfields Infant School - PE

Our PE days are: Wednesday and Friday

 August 2017 Calendar Clipart, HD Png Download - kindpng

Year 6 Calendar

Link to information about Laches Wood from the Parent meeting.

Year 6 Privileges 

Personalised Rosette Certificate (A5) Brainwaves

Type in a lesson instead of writing


Wear pyjamas for the day


Free time on the iPad for 15 minutes


Show and perform something to the class


Sit next to a friend


Sit in the teacher’s chair for a lesson


Bring in a ball from home to use at break/lunch

Here are our Time Table Club sheets for Year 6. Feel free to have a go at home!

33 Club - Bronze

66 Club - Silver

99 Club - Gold

Diamond award



Our Current Big Question: 

Who's the Explorer?

We discovered our new Big Question through some exploring of our own... in terrible weather!



Our first Big Question was:


Was WW2 fought on the Home Front?

We used Morse Code to learn what our first Big Question of the year was!

Year 6 have been making some security systems with their knowledge of circuits. We had lots of fun!