Welcome To Year 3

 from Miss Orme and Mr Roper

Home Learning 

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WB Monday 1st June 2020


Year 3 timetable wb Monday 1st June 2020






Maths - Check your change

Maths - Money Word Problems

Maths - Friday Problem of the Day



Role-On-The Wall

SPaG - Year 3 & 4 Statutory Spellings

English - What is a clause (1)

English - What is a clause(2)


Reading - Greek Gods


Handwriting - Synonyms for 'said'

Big Question

RE - Islam

Big Question - Greek Alphabet

Big Question - Ancient Greece Timeline


A heartwarming message from some of our Year 3 Children. Stay Safe everyone!

Our Big Question is:

What makes Europe an attractive holiday destination?

Please send us any work you complete at home and we'll display it here!



Can we make earthquake-proof buildings?
Year 3 had a great time designing and making their very own earthquake proof buildings using techniques such as tuned mass dampers and base isolation. We had lots of success when testing our finished buildings.

Fabulous Volcanoes!
We were blown away by Year 3's amazing volcanic creations! We then really enjoyed erupting them.


Safer Internet Day
We have enjoyed designing our own avatars as part of our Safer Internet Day learning. We have found out how they can keep us safe online. 

We had a fab time at the Lichfield Garrick Pantomime! 

A great start to our new Big Question - using our Geography skills to locate Lichfield landmarks!


How Was Life Different 100 Years Ago?

Treasure hunting
Year 3 had a fantastic time exploring the history of Christ Church.

A busy week!
There has been lots of fab learning going on in Year 3 this week!

Fab Computing skills!
We have been working on creating our own posters for the Black Country Museum. Check out our finished products.

Our Class Worship
This week it was our turn to do worship for the whole school. It was all about morals and doing the right and wrong thing. Who knew we had so many wonderful actors?

Our visit to The Black Country Living Museum.
Year 3 had a fantastic time learning all about the past and experiencing a school lesson from 1912! They decided that they much preferred living in 2019! 

Fantastic Homework
We were able to create a timeline of our homes from our homework this week.

Year 3 really enjoyed taking part in Roald Dahl Day activities.