Welcome To Year 2

 from Mrs Benniston and Mr Roper

 Buryfields Infant School - PE 

  Our P.E. days

Outdoor P.E. Tuesday and Indoor P.E. Thursday

Times Tables Challenge Sheets

Please find below links for the times tables challenge sheet that the children complete during year 2.

Timings -

Bronze 33 club = 10 minutes  33 Club Bronze 2 Award.docx

Silver 66 club = 12 minutes 66 Club Silver 2 Award.docx

Gold 99 club and Diamond 100 club = 14 minutes 99 Club Gold 2 Award.docx   

100 Club Diamond 2 Award.docx



Year 2 Calendar

August 2017 Calendar Clipart, HD Png Download - kindpng

December 2022


Personalised Rosette Certificate (A5) Brainwaves 

Year 2 Privileges 
See a copy of our Year 2 privileges below:

  Bring a teddy to school (small)

Sit on a cushion for a day

Wear pyjamas or slippers

Be line leader for the day

Go in for lunch first with a friend

Have 10 minutes on the IPad, in the reading or writing area

Sit by a friend for the afternoon  


Our current Big Question is:

Was it really full steam ahead? 

Past Big Questions: Are you Brave Enough?


Can they be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched? We explored different materials to test what would happen when we manipulated them. 


The Titanic

Year 2 enjoyed using different sources to find out more about the ship The Titanic. 



During our dance lessons we have been busy creating our own dance routines to 'Firework' by Katy Perry.



Year 2 and Year 6 had a superb time sharing their poems with each other for National Poetry Week. 

What was in the box?

We recieved a mystery box from Emma Jane - the character in our story. We looked at the clues inside to find out about her adventure and sent her a thank you letter for our surprise. 



Church Visit

We enjoyed our visit to the church where we found out more about belonging and we even got to carry out a Christening with one of the church dolls. 


Year 2 have been busy with their writing in school.