Pupil Voice - School Council


Christ Church School Council 2017-18





  1. We will organise fund raising events for our school.
  2. We will talk to everyone in our school so that, together, we can make it the very best that it can be.
  3. We make links with our local community.
  4. We discuss the things that are happening in the World and think of ways that we can support people who are less fortunate then ourselves.
  5. We take our role seriously and make sure that we are always demonstrating our school values and learning powers.
  6. We work together to help to make a difference to our school.


Christ Church school council is made up from 2 members of each class from year 3 up to year 6. Within this group there are representatives for Reception and Key Stage 1 (these change frequently) and we discuss matters with our peers. 

Each year we have a vote for our school councillors, a boy and a girl are elected by their class and whoever gets the most votes gives out a speech.

Meetings take place at least once each half term and we take it in turns to minute the issues discussed so that we can feedback into our school community and to the staff.

As a school council we believe that we can work together to make our school the very best that it can possibly be. We spend a lot of time collecting pupil voice and help to mould and shape our learning.  

The school councillors represent our school and show a lot of resilience and responsibility, as well as developing excellent relationships within the school community. If anyone in the class is having problems and need somebody their age to talk to, then the school councillors are always by their side.



          What are we working on this year?         


This year your School Council will be...


·        Raising money for Children in Need through dressing up in spots.

        Raising money for 'Save the Children' by taking part in Christmas Jumper day.

·        Collecting our schools thoughts about how we can develop the class Reflection Area's to allow children to release

         their worries    

 ·       Visiting other schools to work with their school councils on what makes an excellent councillor

         Continue to effectively raise the profile of key areas in the curriculum



Coming up we are planning to...

           Link up with a school in another country to have Pen Pals and find out what schools are like on the other side of

           the world