Weekly Events

On this page we will share the main events of each week. Remember to check each year group's page for even more information and up to date news and images. We also provide regular updates on our Twitter feed (@CCPSLichfield).

Each term we will transfer these events to the Gallery section of our website.


Please find photographs from 2017/2018 in the 'Gallery' section of our website.


Spring Term 2019

Week beginning 18th March

Year 3 Reading Reward

A huge well done to Year 3 for winning the Reading competition last half term - Read Around the School. They received £100 as their prize and decided to spend this on a party a new toys for their classrooms.



Writing in Year 5

Year 5 have written some brilliant persuasive leaflets this week as part f their Big Question.



Year 6 Cricket

This week the sun finally made an appearance which meant that Year 6 were able to get outside and learn some new cricket skills.



Acting in Year 1

Year 1 put their acting skills to the test this week when they acted out the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We certainly have some theatrical children!



Maths Games in Year 1

Year 1 have been putting their number skills to the test this week by playing different Maths games.



Year 6 Big Question

As part of their Big Question, Year 6 have been learning about the work of Charles Darwin. This week they focussed on the evolution of the Galapagos tortoise.



Writer of Week!

Once again we are incredibly proud of all the children who have been chosen as Writer of the Week. There work is displayed around school and each child will receive a certificate and prize from the Smiggle box!



Week beginning 11th March

Red Nose Day

We had a super day on Friday for Comic Relief. It was great to see so many silly accessories. We will update you on how much we raised next week.



Year 6 Times Table Success

We are very proud of all the times table achievers in Year 6 - well done everyone!



5ST's Inspire Workshop

Thank you to all the adults who were able to join 5ST for their Inspire Workshop on Thursday. We hope you had fun learning with your child.



Year 1 Computing

This week Year 1 had the opportunity to explore our brand new Spheros. Everyone had such a great afternoon!



Year 2 Value Token Treat

Our wonderful Year 2 children won the Key Stage 1 Value Token treat recently which meant they got to enjoy an afternoon of pizza, popcorn and a movie!



World Book Day Drama Workshops

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 took part in drama workshops this week based around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everyone had a great time!



Reading & Writing at Christ Church

We are very proud to present our first ever whole school story! This can be found in the entrance hall, please come and take a look.

We also continued to celebrate our Writers of the Week and winners of Author Hour. In addition to this, take a look at our brand new Bookflix display - will you read a book from our recommended reads?



Learning in Year 4

It's been a fun week for Year 4 as they've learnt all about the diet of someone from the Stone Age. The only way to truly know what someone has eaten is to check their poo!!



Science Week

This week in school each year group have been taking part in Science Week. The theme for this year is Journeys. We have all taken part in the eeg-cellent investigation about making an egg survive a fall from height!



Week beginning Monday 4th March

Author Visit - Peter Bently

What a treat we had on Friday morning! The one and only Peter Bently visited Christ Church and read us two of his awesome stories.

He then talked to us about how he writes a picture book and answered lots of our questions.

Thanks Peter!



5SC's Inspire Workshop

A huge thank you to all of the adults who were able to attend 5SC's Inspire Workshop on Thursday morning. We hope you had a brilliant time learning with your child.



World Book Day

 What a fabulous day we all had on Thursday for World Book Day! It was great to see so many different characters at Christ Church and hear the buzz around the many different books.



Year 5 Science

Year 5 have been busy this week learning all about the life cycles of humans and animals.



Year 6 Value Token Treat

A huge well done to our wonderful Year 6 children who won the recent Value Token treat. Their prize was an afternoon of pizza, sweets and movies - what a treat!



Maths in Year 3

Year 3 have been showing off their impressive Maths skills this week as they've learnt all about 2D shapes and how to identify lines of symmetry.



Erupting Volcanoes in Year 3

As part of their Big Question Year 3 have been learning all about volcanoes. Their homework project has been to make their very own model volcano! We couldn't believe the standard of these. This week the children got to watch their volcano erupt!



Year 1 P.E

This Year 1 have been perfecting their balances in PE this week and even tried balancing with a partner!



Week beginning Monday 25th February


Year 1 D&T

Brilliant D&T skills this week from Year 1. We can't wait to see their shelters once they're finished.



Year 3 Maths

Following a very exciting Mystery Day, Year 3 completed some alien maths problems.



Mystery Day!

What a day we had on Tuesday! We arrived at school to find that things were quite as we'd left them. The whole day was spent exploring and investigating what had happened to our school.

The imagination of all our children impressed us immensely and we loved the buzz and excitement all around school.

Thank you for the positive feedback that we have had both verbal and via twitter. It really was a super day for everyone.



Cricket skills in Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed developing their cricket skills this week during their Games lesson.



Marathon Kids

Everyone has loved getting back into Marathon Kids this week. Particularly as we had such lovely sunshine earlier on in the week!


Week beginning Monday 11th February

Good to be Green

What a super worship once again! We love handing out all the well deserved certificates and drawing the names from the Good to be Green raffle. Thanks you to our brilliant Governors for being their to hand out their awards. There were also awards from Teaching Assistants, Playground Leaders and Wrap Around Care.



Marvellous Maths

Year 1 and Year 5 have been very practical this week in their lessons. Year 1 have used coins to make specific amounts. Whereas Year 5 have used shapes and technology to learn about the 3D shapes.




Whole School Story

This week we have concluded our whole school story - we can't wait to read it altogether!



PE in Year 1

Year 1 have developed their PE skills this week and have thought of numerous ways to travel.



Let's Get Physical

Year 4 and Year 5 have enjoyed their very physical PE lessons this week. They had a company come into school to deliver some different sports which everyone loved taking part in.



Woodland Trust working with Year 1

What a super morning for Year 1 on Thursday! All of the children got to work with adults from the Woodland Trust to make their very own bird boxes. These will then be placed in our school environmental area.



Author Hour

This week we introduced our whole school Author Hour. During this time, children can write about absolutely anything they like and get the opportunity to illustrate their work too. Some children chose to write a story, whilst other wrote a song and one person even wrote a list of questions she'd like to know all about Miss Garrard!



Learning in Reception

This week Reception have loved making patterns with loom bands, have developed their PE skills even further, made bird feeders and have enjoyed writing in unusual places.  



Writer of the Week

We have loved celebrating the amazing writing across school. Who will be Writer of the Week next time?!



Week beginning Monday 4th February

Year 3 Worship

On Friday our wonderful Year 3 children shared their worship with the whole school. The worship celebrated their love of reading and writing and the children even shared some of their written pieces too.



Writing in Year 1 and Year 2

 Children in Year 1 and Year 2 have produced some brilliant writing this week. Year 1 have been rewriting the story 'Owl Babies' and Year 2 have written a letter to a child in India.



500 Words

This week each year group have started to plan their story for the BBC's 500 words competition.
We can't wait to read the amazing entries!



Year 1 Writing

Year 1 are loving their brand new writing areas in their classroom - what a super space to sit and write in!


Year 4 Science

As part of their Science topic, Year 4 have been learning all about teeth. They even made their very own!



Learning in Reception

It's been another busy week for Reception. What brilliant learners everyone is!



Week beginning Monday 28th January

Year 4 Worship

Well done to Year 4 for a fantastic worship this week - we even had flying animals!



Writing in Year 6

As a way of improving their sentence openers, Year 6 had a game of sentence opener roulette!



Learning in Reception

Reception made the most of our frosty mornings this week and wrapped up warm to go outside.



DT & Science in Year 1

Year 1 have loved their learning this week and have explored how to make paper stronger in DT, as well as investigate different types of objects in Science.