Spring term 2018


At Christ Church we try to offer a wide range of clubs and activities for the children to enjoy at school. Here is this term’s timetable.

Click here for a letter explaining how we operate clubs at Christ Church.



Netball: Yr5/6       3.25pm-4.15pm  (Miss Cartwright)

Basketball: Yr5/6     3.25pm-4.25pm (Aspire coaches and Mr Czechowski)



Tag Rugby: Yr3   3.25pm - 4.15pm (Mrs Cowlishaw and Mr Czechowski)

Mixed Cross Country (around the field): Yr3/4     3.25pm - 4pm(Mrs Cowlishaw and Mr Czechowski)




Cross Country boys: Yr5/6    Lunchtime (Mr Tilt and Mrs Tilt)  

Tennis: Yr5/6            3.25pm - 4.15pm  (Mr Tilt)

Tech club: Yr2      3.20pm - 4pm (Mrs Leigh and Miss Orme)

Singing club: Yr1         3.20pm - 4pm (Mrs Cheek and Mrs Cowlishaw)



Football training: Yr5/6       3.30pm - 4.30pm (Brian Small Academy)

Sepak Takrew/Ga ga: Yr4         3.25- 4.25pm (Aspire Coaches )



No Clubs