Welcome To Year 6

 from Miss Stonier and Miss Cartwright

The teaching assistants in Year 6 are Mrs Dell and Mrs Wassall  


Welcome to Year 6 - Meet the teacher meeting (Tuesday 12th September)


  November 2017

 We have Outdoor Games on a Friday and Indoor P.E. on a Wednesday.
Please make sure you have the correct kit.

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Our Year 6 Privileges:

Choose who to sit next to for an afternoon.
Skip one piece of homework per half term.
Sit on a cushion for the day.
10 minutes iPad time.
Enjoy a onesie or pyjama day.
Have lunch in the classroom with two friends.
Teach part of a lesson.
Use a laptop in the lesson.
Sit at the Miss Stonier's / Miss Cartwright's desk
Perform to the class


Recent Letters

Welcome to Year 6 (Sept 2016)

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Our Autumn Term Big Question is:

Was it Britain's finest hour?


Year 6 Residential to Laches Wood

Wow, what a super week Year 6 have had! It has been full of adventurous activities, laughter and working together. We couldn't be more proud of the whole year group and the way in which they conducted themselves throughout the week. Take a look at just some of the things we got up to:







 We wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderfully positive feedback that we have received via Twitter whilst at Laches Wood. It's great to hear that so many people have enjoyed our tweeting!

The girls have had a fab time. What wonderful memories they have made. Thank you Christ Church x

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