Welcome To Year 6

 from Mrs Packham and Miss Cartwright

There will be support in Year 6 from Mrs Whyman & Mrs Smith, Miss Stonier and Mrs Dunning 

Calendar - July 2019 

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Welcome to Year 6

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Outdoor Games - Wednesday

Indoor PE - Friday

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Our Big Question Curriculum

How dramatic are Y6? 

Y6 had a great time learning how to ride our bikes safely.

We learned how to carry out safety checks on our bikes before heading out onto the roads. Y6 were brilliant at learning how to manoeuvre around hazards and how to show other road users our intentions. 


English - SPaG Hunters!

Y6 enjoyed a touch of SPaG revision, working in teams to take part in a SPaG hunt. They are all working hard to prepare for their SATs.



Science - How does blood travel around our bodies?

We have been learning all about the vital jobs our blood does and how it is pumped around our bodies.

We even had a go at making our own blood!



Science and Geography - The Galapagos tortoise

We have been exploring how the extraordinary Galapagos tortoises have evolved over time to best-suit the varied and challenging environments in which they live.



British Science Week

Whole School Investigation

The Big Egg Drop: Will your egg survive?

 We were tasked with deciding on an effective material to cushion the fall of our egg, whilst also designing a parachute which would slow the velocity of the drop! In an attempt to save our eggs, we decided on popcorn (6CC) and marshmallows (6KP) to cushion our eggs; we also explored how the size and material of the parachute would affect the survival of the egg! 



World Book Day 2019

Year 6 had a lovely time sharing books with Reception children. We chose books to share with them and they brought their favourite books for us to read to them. Some Reception children even read to us!


Mystery Day - Alien Invasion!

We had the most exciting (and strange!) day on Wednesday this week! We were astonished when we arrived to find that we had been visited overnight by aliens; slime, glitter, underpants, toxic substances - you name it, we found it! We investigated the school grounds, collected evidence and even found the time to create our own aliens and spaceships!






Science - Evolution and Inheritance


Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning all about adaptation within our science lessons.

We have looked at lots of different animals, their habitats and their wider environments.

We then went onto think about and explore adaptive traits, which resulted in us designing our own creatures to perfectly suit a specific environment; we had some very creative and imaginative ideas!





We have lots of times-table club achievers this morning! Well done to all - super maths!

A special mention to Dan, Elliot and Leo, who were the first to try our brand-new 'diamond' times-table club - amazing!


Y6 are really enjoying working on their new Big Question. So far, they have looked at a range of inspirational explorers and researched their expeditions and explorations. They have also put themselves into the shoes of an explorer and written diary entries as them during one of their famous expeditions; they produced some excellent pieces!

They have also started to explore the Victorian era: a time of great exploration, invention, change and development.



Baking superstars!

As part of our Big Question, we have been looking at the rationing system during WW2.

For our D&T work this term, we decided to bake authentic Christmas cakes using wartime rations.

The results were amazing!







Laches Wood November 2018

Year 6 had the most wonderful week away at Laches Wood. They showed great determination, resilience and teamwork throughout the week; we were extremely proud of them all!






Year 6 really enjoyed welcoming their grown-ups into school on Tuesday for our showcase afternoon. We were really proud to share our learning from this term and we loved sewing our Christmas decorations that will be part of Lichfield Cathedral's Christmas tree festival.


6CC did a fantastic job of their Children in Need worship this morning

and they loved wearing their onesies and PJs!



Year 6 absolutely loved their visit to King Edward's, where they heard from the fantastic

Andy Stanton and had the opportunity to have their very own meet and greet with him!


       In history, we have been learning about being an evacuee. We thought carefully about the experiences of children who were evacuated and considered their thoughts and feelings. We were very proud of the excellent diary entries we wrote.



Year 6 and Year 1 enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine, where they worked together on          

some team building games and activities.


6KP and 6CC had lovely mornings working together with our adults.



Year 6 enjoyed some competitive team work during our games lesson.


Looking smart on our first day in Year 6.