Welcome To Year 6

 from Miss Stonier and Miss Cartwright

There will be support in Year 6 from Mrs Whyman & Mrs Smith  


Welcome to Year 6 - Meet the teacher meeting (Tuesday 12th September)


  Year 6 January 2018

 We have Outdoor Games on a Friday and Indoor P.E. on a Wednesday.
Please make sure you have the correct kit.


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Our Year 6 Privileges:

Choose who to sit next to for an afternoon.
Skip one piece of homework per half term.
Sit on a cushion for the day.
10 minutes iPad time.
Enjoy a onesie or pyjama day.
Have lunch in the classroom with two friends.
Teach part of a lesson.
Use a laptop in the lesson.
Sit at the Miss Stonier's / Miss Cartwright's desk
Perform to the class


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Welcome to Year 6 (Sept 2016)

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Our Spring Term Big Question is:

Who's the explorer?

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These four famous people will feature a lot throughout our Big Question. Do you recognise any of them and if so, how might they link to each other?