Welcome To Year 4

 from Mrs Benniston and Mr Tilt

The teaching assistant in Year 4 is Mrs Bourne.


January 2018

Year 4 will be visiting the Library on the following dates:


4BB - Monday 22nd January 2018

4ST - Monday 29th January 2018

The children will need to bring their library card to school with them on the date their class visit.



We will begin swimming on Thursday 14th September 2017 until February half term 2018. Our indoor P.E. will be on a Friday.


Swimming will begin after Christmas on Thursday 11th January 2018.

Please make sure you have the correct kit in school.


Year 4 Privilege List

Lunch in the classroom with a friend.

10 minutes on the Ipad. 

Bring in a teddy bear.

Teach a lesson (15minutes).

Pyjamas or own clothes for an afternoon.

Wear slippers for a day.


 Recent Letters

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Our Spring Term Big Question is:

Who lived in Britain first?

 Our Autumn Term Big Question is:

What did the Tudors leave behind?

The Cave!

Year 4 became archaeologists exploring the extremely dark Y4 caves with torches as their only source of light. They discovered and made their own cave paintings as their introduction to their new big question.


Science - Digestion

The children started their new Science topic by drawing the parts of the digestive system onto a life size picture for their pre-learning task. There were some interesting ideas!



We have been exploring the true meaning of Christmas in RE and the children have made their own Nativity scenes.


Tudor Project

Thank you for your support with the recent homework project. The children enjoyed sharing their work and we had a variety of models, PowerPoint's, posters, booklets and even a puppet show!


Church Visit

Year 4 went to visit the church to find out about Baptism.


Class 4BB Inspire

Thank you to all of the adults who came for class 4BB's inspire workshop.



Tudor Day

The children really enjoyed being Tudors for the day and finding out about their clothes and the activities that would have taken place. They all looked amazing in their costumes.



4ST Inspire

Thank you to everyone who attended our inspire.


4BB Class Worship

Class 4BB carried out their worship about Children In Need.


Static Electricity

In Science we have been exploring static electricity. The children had some hair raising fun generating their own static electricity and exploring how its charge reacted to different objects around the classroom - including their hair!




Library Visit

Year 4 were invited to Lichfield Library to take part in a craft workshop. Each class made a poppy memorial to keep in school and the children made an individual poppy to go on the libraries memorial display.


Tudor Games

The children recreated a Tudor pastime of Nine Men Morris. They had to draw out the game board before playing against their opponent.



Henry VIII Blind Date

We wanted to find out which wife was the best - so we played Tudor Blind date. The winning wife was Catherine of Aragon. Do you agree?



Year 4 investigated factors by playing factor (bug) splat.




Class Worship - 4ST

4ST carried out their class worship thinking carefully about showing tolerance towards other religions.



Literacy Lessons

Year 4 have been exploring adverbials using sentence building techniques and Drama using our Class Text.

Please look at the link below to see a collection of pictures from our Literacy sessions.

Adverbial work Y4.docx


International Language Day 

On Tuesday 26th September Year 4 learnt some Italian.

We had fun learning to count, the colours and so basic phrases.


Battle of Bosworth

Year 4 have been to battle. The children enjoyed taking on different roles and recreating the famous battle.



In science we are exploring electricity and the children explored making circuits to see:

  • Who could make light?
  • How bright can you make your light?
  • Can you make a noise with your circuit?





We were very lucky to have a visitors in year 4 who taught us all about sustainability and the three R's.

Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.