Welcome To Reception

from Mrs Dawson and Mrs Allister

The teaching assistants in Reception are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Gough. 


Mrs Dawson and Mrs Wilson work with Blue and Green Family.

Mrs Allister and Mrs Gough work with Yellow and Red Family.


Meet our Family Groups



                    Yellow Family and Yoshi Bear                                 Red Family and Rosie Bear



            Green Family and Gabby Bear                                    Blue Family and Billy Bear



Early Years Foundation Stage information

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PE kit letter

PE is on Monday and Thursday mornings in the hall.

September Parents Meeting-Friday 8th September

September meeting power point

Welcome to Reception information sheet

Reception curriculum information


Recent Letters

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PE kit letter

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It's Good to be Green!

Here is our list of class privileges.

1.Be the teacher and call the


2.Bring in a book for story time.

3.Bring a favourite  small teddy

  into school for the day.

4.Look after a Family Group   bear for the day.

5.Wear slippers for the day.

6.Wear your pyjamas for the day.

 If your child receives a privilege, they can choose to do one of the things from this list.

Image result for It's good to be green frog

Spring Term


Big Question:

Why is the tortoise asleep?



Our Good To Be Green Awards this week.




In the hall we have been using the musical instruments. We have been learning to follow the conductor, playing the instruments fast and slow!



 Reception have been using the beads and buttons to make patterns.




This week's Good To Be Green Awards








On Friday the children in Reception performed their Nativity to their parents in church.


They were all amazing!

This week we have been measuring and practising our fine motor skills.









On Friday Jane came into school to teach us how to make felt. We are going to use the felt to make poppies.


We also used playdough and other resources to make poppies.


This week we have been learning about the church. Freddie Fisher invited us to visit Christchurch to look at the different parts of the church.





                   We learnt about all the places that Puddles the cat visited in our story.






On Monday this week Reception had a letter from Supertato warning them about the Evil Peas.




So we practised our Superhero skills in the hall.



We began to make traps to capture the peas.


We also made our own characters using vegetables.







A lovely afternoon for an Autumn walk



The children in Reception have completed their first full week at school. They have been enjoying many activities.




A great first week in Reception. Everyone has settled really well!