Welcome To Reception

from Mrs Dawson and Mrs Allister

The teaching assistants in Reception are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Gough. 


Mrs Dawson and Mrs Wilson work with Blue and Green Family.

Mrs Allister and Mrs Gough work with Yellow and Red Family.


Meet our Family Groups



                                 Yellow Family and Yoshi Bear                          Red Family and Rosie Bear




                          Green Family and Gabby Bear                           Blue Family and Billy Bear



Early Years Foundation Stage information

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March Calendar



PE kit letter

PE is on Monday and Thursday mornings in the hall.

September Parents Meeting-Friday 8th September

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Welcome to Reception information sheet

Reception curriculum information


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PE kit letter

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It's Good to be Green!

Here is our list of class privileges.

1.Be the teacher and call the


2.Bring in a book for story time.

3.Bring a favourite  small teddy

  into school for the day.

4.Look after a Family Group   bear for the day.

5.Wear slippers for the day.

6.Wear your pyjamas for the day.

 If your child receives a privilege, they can choose to do one of the things from this list.

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Spring Term


Big Question:

Why is the tortoise asleep?

Good To Be Green Awards


The children in reception have been very busy this week. We have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk, writing stories, acting out our stories,dancing and painting and making castles.



We have also been learning how to log on to the computer and how to use the balances.



We have been learning about money and using it in the shop.


Good To Be Green Awards


This week we have been reading The Gingerbread Man.

The children have been writing their own stories and dressing up as Fairy tale characters. They have been saving Princesses and walking the plank!



World Book Day



Good to be Green Awards



This afternoon we walked to the Environmental Area to see how it had changed now that it is Winter. We took the bird feeders that we made last week to hang on the trees.



Practising our writing


We have been thinking about Winter and how to keep warm. We have made hot chocolate for ourselves and fat balls to help the birds. The hot chocolate was yummy but the bird feeders were yuk!




Good to Be Green Awards.



We have been reading The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child.

The children have been using collage materials and paint to create pictures from the stories.




We have been exploring the clay and making some animals from the story

"One Snowy Night" 



This week's Good to be Green Awards

We have been reading the story of

"One Snowy Night"

We have been using chalk to draw winter pictures and glitter and sand to make snowflakes. We have also used the playdough to make a snowman.







Our Good To Be Green Awards this week.




In the hall we have been using the musical instruments. We have been learning to follow the conductor, playing the instruments fast and slow!