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I am pleased to welcome you to our website. I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of Christ Church CE (c) Primary School. Whilst achieving very good outcomes for our pupils, we are also proud that our school is a happy place where children love coming to learn. Our caring, Christian ethos underlies everything that we do and the values that we uphold.
We have strong links to our local church, Christ Church, and our vicar is Rev. Janet Waterfield.
If you are interested in visiting our school, please telephone the school office to make an appointment.

 Julie Pilmore

Head Teacher



March 2017

Please click here to download out SIAMS report March 2017, which shows that we are an OUTSTANDING church school.

Please click here to download our Ofsted report March 2017, which clearly shows that we are a very good school with many outstanding features.




Christ Church Prayer of the week

Each week we will share a different prayer in Worship that has been written by one of the children at Christ Church.

WB 18th September 2017

In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit

Prayer of the Week:

Dear God,

Thank you for the wonderful world that we live in.

Please help me to become a better person and have faith in myself with everything that I do.

Please help the poor, sick people who have dirty water to drink.

Please stop the war in different countries.

Thank you for all that I have.

Please change the weather so that people can have a happy life.

Thank you for my amazing life.



By Beth Dobson Year 3

Christ Church C of E (C) Primary School News

  • Summer Reading Challenge Picnic - Friday 22nd September
    We are unbelievably proud to have won the Summer Reading Challenge! As a reward to all of those children who took part, we will be hosting a picnic on Friday afternoon. Congratulations to everyone at Christ Church who read over the summer.
  • 1KL Inspire Workshop - Monday 25th September
    Mrs Leigh's Year 1 class will be hosting their Inspire Workshop from 1.45pm-3.00pm on Monday 25th September. The workshop will take place in the school hall. We look forward to welcoming adults from home into school for the afternoon.
  • Clubs start - week beginning Monday 25th September
    All lunch and after school clubs will start week beginning Monday 25th September. There are a number of different clubs taking place for different year groups in school. Please check the days and times of the clubs carefully.
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 Parental Questionnaire February 2017 Outcomes

100% of our parents/carers agree that Christ Church has high expectations of behaviour.

100% of our parents/carers believe our school values- Respect, Care and Responsibility - have a positive impact on their child’s learning and enjoyment of school.

100% of our parents/carers believe that they are invited to attend worships and performances in church.

100% of our parents/carers believe that the school environment reflects that we are a church school. 

99% of our parents/carers see the school as an inclusive place where everyone is valued.

100%  of our parents/carer think that their child is given the opportunity to pray and reflect in school. 

100% of our parents/carers believe that the school has a good relationship with the local church and community. 


'We have been amazed at how quickly our child has been able to explain the School Values. He has been given an excellent understanding of what makes a responsible, well-mannered, Christian citizen through the high expectations and positive ethos of the school.’

‘The school has a lovely relationship with the local church where my children were baptised. As a family, worship is very important to us.’


Online Safety

Parent E-Safety & Safeguarding Workshops - March 2017

Below is the information and resources that were shared by Mrs Dunning & Miss Stonier in the recent workshops. Thank you to all of those who attended. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or have any questions. We aim to do additional workshops in the summer term.

Parent E-Safety & Safeguarding Workshop

Young people & social media

NSPCC P.A.N.T.S campaign


We want everyone at Christ Church to feel safe whilst online. If you have any concerns whilst online then please follow the link below:

Remember to also speak to an adult. This could be an adult a home or member of staff in school.

For Parents / Carers
As we know a number of children at Christ Church use various social media sites. The website below offers great tips and advice on how to use  social media safely.



*Please note: if paper copies of any information from this website are required, they can be obtained via the school office.*

Latest School Calendar Events

1AO Inspire Workshop02Oct2017

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm @ School Hall

3DD Inspire Workshop03Oct2017

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm @ School Hall

6AS Inspire Workshop04Oct2017

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm @ School Hall

School Association craft fayre 2pm - 4pm14Oct2017

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm @ School hall

3SC Inspire Workshop17Oct2017

1:45 pm - 3:00 pm @ School Hall

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